‘It’s a big deal’: Mother says her son’s hair was cut by a barber at school without her permission

A Pittsburgh mother is ringing the alarm after her son's hair was cut in school. (Source: WPXI, TORI YAGER, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, CNN)
Published: Nov. 15, 2023 at 9:14 PM EST
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PITTSBURGH (WPXI) - A Pennsylvania mother is sounding the alarm after her son received a haircut in school without notice.

Tori Yager said she was unaware her fourth grader was part of a program run by a man who calls himself a celebrity barber.

According to Yager, the man cut her son’s hair without her permission and now she is seeking answers from him and the school district.

Yager said she was shocked and confused when her son Torrie messaged her Monday afternoon about him getting a haircut at school.

“I thought it was a kid that cut his hair. I didn’t know that there was a program where barbers come to the school and cut hair,” Yager said.

The program she’s talking about takes place in the school and is run by Abdul Rahim who refers to himself on social media as a mentor and celebrity barber.

“I had no idea he was in the mentorship program. I didn’t get a notice, a permission slip, nothing,” the boy’s mother said.

Yager said she also isn’t happy that her son appeared on the barber’s social media getting the haircut.

“It’s a big deal to me because it’s my right. That’s my son,” she said.

Yager said her son had never had a haircut before and had an allergic reaction with bumps along his hairline.

She said she took him to Children’s Hospital where he was diagnosed with contact dermatitis.

Yager also said she is trying to speak with school officials and the barber regarding what happened.

“My son can’t get his hair back. He can’t get the experience back and nobody had my permission,” Yager said.

The school district said the program is currently on pause.